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We have an undeniable waste problem, and most people know it too. Yet going “zero waste” can be overwhelming because we lack tools to get there. That’s where Stop Trashing It comes in! We’re a network of individuals behind the low waste moment, aiming to turn awareness into action. While we’re based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, our reach is national and international, with status as a Sustainable Oceans Alliance Hub. We aim to ease habit changes and encourage self-accountability. To do so, we focus on cultivating low waste communities by hosting waste reduction workshops and outreach events, creating social media engaging content and running a blog, all while empowering youth ambassadors. Our central idea is simple by eliminating one single-use item at a time, waste reduction is stepwise, realistic and accessible. Lowering waste means a smaller environmental footprint because, after all, we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste correctly. We need millions of people living lighter on our planet.


StOp Trashing It

We’re a network of aspiring low waste individuals. While we’re based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with six interdisciplinary directors, our reach is national and international, with ambassadors across Canada and in the United States.

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