The pandemic has changed how we live, and we are curious to know just how?


About the Project


The purpose of this research is to determine whether the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced waste habits among HRM residents, identify what is being done about the waste, and identify any problem areas that must be addressed.


Research Questions:

  •  How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced waste habits among Haligonians? 

  • What are attitudes towards waste production during a pandemic? Is waste reduction a priority? 

  • How have HRM government, organizations, and businesses attempted to curb their waste and the waste of consumers? 

  • What recommendations can be given to address areas of concern? 

Intended Outcomes: 

This research will indicate key areas that require attention for action to reduce unnecessary waste as it relates to the pandemic.


About the researcher (Olivia Giansante), the project and Dalhousie University: 

Olivia is a graduate student at Dalhousie University pursuing a Master of Resource & Environmental Management. She is originally from Montreal and has been living and studying in Nova Scotia for the last three years. Dr. Michelle Adams at Dalhousie University, and Alexa Goodman, founder and director of Stop Trashing It Network are supervising this project. This project came about because Olivia was concerned about the health repercussions of the pandemic. However, she was also worried that this emergency would take focus away from environmental stewardship, which should require equally as much attention, and wanted to bring light to easy ways that we could continue to live through this pandemic while being conscious of our environmental impact. 


You can contact Olivia at​

How you can lower your PPE waste

  • Wear a reusable mask 

  • Use reusable gloves 

  • Bring groceries to your car in a carriage and then load them into reusable bags in your trunk 

  • Purchase soap bars from stores like the Tare Shop, Lush or Farmer’s Markets that do not come in disposable plastic or carton packaging  

  • Try cooking from home instead of ordering out to minimize disposable take-out containers 

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