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Artists For Oceans

Arianne presents her passion project, Artists For Oceans, which connects ocean conservation and music. With the collaboration of 10 local Montreal artists, Artists For Oceans aims to spread awareness regarding the importance of urban waterway & ocean conservation through the soundscapes of music. Artists For Oceans is a project linked to Ocean Bridge.

Oceans & Humanity

With all the pressing and urgent issues surrounding ocean health constantly arising, we need now more than ever to capture people's attention towards ocean conservation. Devastating human error and environmental exploitation are wreaking havoc in all parts of the world, and our beautiful oceans are constantly taking the blow and suffering by our actions. From oil spills to over-harvesting, from deleterious methods of fishing to illegal toxic waste dumping, from garbage islands to ocean acidification, from marine vessel noise pollution to toxic runoff, from oil drilling to coral bleaching...the treacherous list goes on and continues to grow. But when will we stop? And when will most of us start to care and cease these issues?

Our oceans may seem large enough to endure misuse, they may seem vast enough to be able to dilute all of our human waste, and they may seem deep enough that our human impacts appear to be only surface level. But hit after hit with incessant abuse, our aqua ecosystems can only endure so much. The consequences may not be so apparent to us immediately, yet they will only get worse with time if we continue neglecting ocean conservation.

Human societies often require abrupt obstructions in order to achieve rapid change. Take a look at the recent global pandemic, which had immediate impacts on almost every individual's actions and way of life. Government officials around the world made prompt efforts to implement new safety measures, new rules, and a new reality in which many of have adapted to. There was even a worldwide temporary reduction in daily global C02 emissions. This type of action and immediate collective response demonstrates that humans are capable of drastic change, suggesting that we are capable of stronger efforts towards climate change.

We simply need more attention to the urgency of ocean conservation and added pressure on various institutions to spread the word and make it a priority. But our current world markets depend on the ocean for globalized materialism, transport, production of goods, & water treatment plant discharge. The ocean is tangled in an interconnected web of negative human impact.

On an individual level, we may not realize how interconnected we all are to the ocean, even for those of us living in landlocked parts of the world. We can so easily get caught up in our daily lives, either unaware or forgetting how inextricably interconnected to our oceans we are. For one, the ocean guides the thermostat of the planet and makes the earth a livable place for all of us. The ocean provides us with oxygen (more than half of the air we breathe!), food, medicine, economic growth, heat (the ocean holds the heat of the sun and regulates the planet's temperatures), and allows us to travel and play. Music & Humanity

Just like the flow of the ocean and its currents, waves, and breezes, the sounds of music flow. And just like the ocean, music is intrinsically connected to human life. Music is a medium that has existed through the ages of humanity in all cultures and societies, which is fluid like water and encapsulates our relationships with the world around us. In fact, music is a fantastic vessel for an important message because it engages the human senses, by immediately captivating our attention, and can induce motion, dancing, feeling, and thoughts. Music is an enrapturing art form, and humans innately have an affinity for the cadence in collective sounds that come together architecturally.

Music is intergenerational, defies time and space, and imprints deep messages through soundscapes of creativity. Music is non-discriminatory, non-exclusive, is meant for everyone, and brings us together. Music embodies meaning and speaks of both subjective and objective truths and history. Music consolidates pressing issues, politics, and nature, all through the harmonies of sounds and octaves. Sonic creativity of interpretations from the sounding world is an expression that can powerfully deliver a strong message. If humanity is inexorably connected to the oceans and music, then why not merge these two wonderful components of life together, and create a compelling message?

Artists For Oceans

Presenting the important issue of ocean literacy and urban waterway conservation through a medium that most people can relate to, could create ripples of awareness & emotion through a community, network, city, or nation. Artists For Oceans, a project that will leverage 10 local Montréal youth artists, aims to do just that. Through the soundscapes of creativity, local artists will bridge art and environment with their own unique creations, while sharing an important message within their communities. This project allows artists the share their work publicly through various avenues, as well as advocate for an important cause. AFO encourages diversity and welcomes artists from various backgrounds. Each artist participating will take part in the 5 following steps of the project: 1) The creation of their composition connected to the theme of ocean conservation 2) Recording their piece at Scott Russell Studios in Montreal 3) Undergoing an interview to discuss their piece 4) Having their piece shared via web platforms & Artists For Oceans' website 5) Sharing their compositions in their communities

Delivering this important message through the medium of music will provoke the communities in and around Montreal to pay closer attention to the importance of ocean conservation.

Bridging art and environment is a surefire way to create a positive and long-lasting community impact. The ocean is within all of us, and we must do our very best to protect & conserve its health. Through music, let us all be reminded and enthralled to keep ocean conservation at the forefront of humanity's values.

Follow us at for the upcoming share of local Montreal artists' compositions, expressing the importance of ocean conservation.

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