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Community Fridges: What Are Those?

Food waste. We all create it, some types are avoidable, and some are not. Let’s focus on the avoidable waste, if it’s avoidable… why does it exist? There is a flaw in our food system. Instead of excess food ending up in the hands of those who need it most, we see tons of edible food being tossed.

So what can be done? With a problem so large one sweeping solution will not irradicate it overnight but, some individuals have spearheaded projects to start to address the issue. From food waste rescue organizations to individuals lobbying the government to change laws that inherently create food waste, people are trying to solve the problem. One specific project that is being seen in many cities across Canada and the world are community fridges.

Community fridges are essentially refrigerated spaces, oftentimes residing in a local business, in which individuals or businesses/organizations can leave any excess food that will not otherwise be eaten before going bad. This food is then left there for individuals in the community who are in need to use free of cost. The system relies a lot on the community to aid in keeping the fridges full, as well as in many cases, volunteers to keep the system running smoothly. The following list of existing community fridges in Canada has been compiled using network searches as well as the very useful website which has an excellent interactive map displaying community fridge locations around the world! Check out this list, or the website to see If there is a community fridge near you!

Here are some Community Fridges in Central Canada (East to West) Sherbrooke, Quebec

· 112 Rue Wellington S

Waterloo, Quebec

· 107 Rue Lewis O

Granby, Quebec

· 170 Rue Saint-Antoine N

Val-David, Quebec

· 1347, rue de la Sapinière

Montreal, Quebec

· 1700 Amherst

· 1487 Rue Aylwin

· Rosemount (visit for exact location)

· 6956 avenue Des Ormeaux - Anjou

Toronto, Ontario

· 1132 College St. W

· 1614 Queen St. W

· 555 Dundas St. E

· 782 Adelaide St. W

· 348 Pape Ave.

· 2246 Bloor St. W

Mississauga, Ontario

· 40 Dundas St.

Milton, Ontario

· 885 Main St. E

Waterloo, Ontario

· In-side Zero Waste Bulk – 110 King St. S

· @communityfridgekw on Instagram

Guelph, Ontario

· 15 Willow Rd

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

· 424 20 St. W

Calgary, Alberta

· 902 Centre St N


My name is Katie Sutter (she/her)! I am a recent graduate of Dalhousie University where I earned a BA. in environmental sustainability and political science. Sustainability is a large part of my life, and I like to take every opportunity to challenge myself to live a greener and more impactful life! I spend a lot of my free time volunteering with local initiatives, including being part of the core member team over at FOUND and Forgotten Food. When I am not volunteering, you can usually find me out on a hike or reading/doodling by the water!  

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