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DIY Pillowcase Upcycle

Reuse is my favorite of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). Of course reduce is the #1 goal, but I always find reusing things SO satisfying. When we finally wore through our old set of flannel winter sheets, I wanted to find a way to reuse the pillowcases. I also wanted a way to eliminate cotton makeup remover pads… so I made some using the pillowcase & my sewing machine.

How To Make DIY Cotton Pads

Step 1: Wash and dry your pillowcase (or any other fabric). Cotton flannel is a great choice because it’s soft, and a natural fibre!

Step 2: Cut your pads! Of course the ones you buy at the store are circular, but there are no rules that they have to be! My pillowcase had a tartan pattern, so I just used that as my guide. You’ll want two pieces the same size to sew back to back, so the pillowcase works great because you can cut two at a time.

Step 3: Sewing… Don’t be afraid! If you have a serger that would be ideal because the sides won’t fray, but I just used my regular sewing machine from the 1970s (thanks Nana). Put two pieces of fabric back to back and sew along the edges. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Step 4: Use them! I keep a stack in my bathroom and use them to remove make-up, or apply toner. Then I just throw them in a delicates bag and wash & dry with my regular towel laundry. Done!

Other Ways To Upcycle A Pillowcase

You can use them as a laundry bag when traveling, make them closeable by sewing a drawstring in the top.

Make cloth napkins by cutting them into squares and rectangles and sewing the edges.

Use as a rag for cleaning

Any Christmasy pillowcases can become a “Santa Sack” for the gifts from Santa!

Use the fabric as giftwrap this Holiday season.

Use the fabric to reupholster something

You can always donate them or send them to textile recycling if you TRULY can’t find a use for them.

Final Thoughts

There's almost always a way to up-cycle something instead of sending it to the landfill! What have you up-cycled lately?


Jenn is the blogger behind Will Save For Travel, showing you that you CAN save money, live your life and HAVE FUN TOO! Lately you can find her hanging out with her dog & two cats with a homemade chai latte, dreaming about warmer weather and finding an old home to renovate!

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