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New Season, New Adventures

Did you spend lots of time outdoors this summer? Worried that the colder weather will cause you to start hibernating indoors? Check out these tips on how to keep exploring the outdoors this fall from Jess.


Although this summer was quite different than most, it was an incredible summer for spending more time outdoors. I personally spent much more time hiking, camping, biking, kayaking and exploring different regions of Canada. I really caught the “adventure travel bug” and realized exploring and spending time outdoors is a strong passion of mine.

With the crisp, cooler air, we can all feel autumn quickly approaching. But fear not, because many more opportunities for adventure can still be had!

Here are some ways to continue your passion for adventures and exploring the great outdoors this fall:

Hiking: Fall is actually a great time for hiking. There are so many trails available and the fall foliage is simply breathtaking. Be sure to wear some layers, and enjoy the beautiful fall colours!

Camping: Although it gets chillier at night, there is nothing better than cosying up by a campfire with some hot cider in the fall. Bring lots of clothes, blankets and firewood!

Pick some produce: Apples, pumpkins and squash – oh my! Picking your own fruits and vegetables can make you feel much more connected to nature than mindlessly shopping at a grocery store. The best part is having so much produce and plenty of new recipes to try.

Get lost in a corn maze: After picking up some fresh corn, why not get lost in a maze? Warning – it might make you hungry!

Photography: Is there a tree in your backyard? Try taking a photo of it each week so you can witness its progression as its leaves transform into fire-red. Or head out for an afternoon with a fully charged camera (or phone!) and snap some pics of the beautiful scenery

Go geocaching: Don’t have time to get out of the city, but still want a quick adventure? This summer I started geocaching, which is the world’s largest treasure hunt! Just download the app, try to find some caches near you, and explore new nature spots along the way.

Life can get busy, but it’s so important to continue pursuing our passions throughout the year. Happy exploring!


This fall, Jess is back at school pursuing her Masters in Sustainable Development and Management at HEC Montreal. When she’s not studying or working part-time building a tech company’s CSR program, you can find her in the mountains, on the lake or on her yoga mat. Follow her adventures on Instagram @panettajess

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