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Here's a fun way to get your creative juices flowing while keeping low waste.

This challenge runs from July 15th to 28th. 

The Challenge

We challenge you to find a household item you would usually throw away, and find a new purpose for it. Then, post a picture of your upcycled item and tag us and use #stoptrashingitchallenge. We’ll be tracking the hashtag and drawing one lucky participant for a $25 MEC gift card.

The challenge is meant to get us thinking about creative ways we can reduce our waste and keep as many items as possible out of landfills. Are you up for the challenge?


Ambassador Inspiration

Makeup Remover Pads

Jenn repurposed an old pillowcase from a sheet set (that was also repurposed as painting drop cloths) and turned it into reusable makeup remover pads! This flannel pillowcase was perfect for this project. It’s soft and washable!

It's simple: All you need to do is cut the flannel, put two pieces back to back, and sew around the edges. Then just use your favourite makeup remover and then throw the pads in the washer with your towels. You’ll never buy those cotton rounds again!


PIllowcase to pads.png


Chase repurposed old containers, like this coffee container, into planters.

Nearly anything can be repurposed into a planter, just be sure there are holes for drainage, or add rocks at the bottom. Proper drainage is important to ensure you don't drown your plants.


coffee can.png

Upcycled Outfits

Katie up-cycled a family member's old nightgown that would no longer be used into a two-piece set. Feeling creative but not too bold, try making your own shorts out of old jeans.




Eva made some simple scrunchies out of old socks. You can follow these instructions and give it a go yourself!


scrunchie 2.jpg

Face Masks

Sydney repurposed an old pillowcase to divert textile waste and give an old item a new life! Face masks are an easy pattern to master no matter your sewing experience, and there are many different patterns available online with different styles to best suit your personal preferences! As we navigate a “new normal”, a spare face mask is a good thing to have! 


mask done.jpg

Fire Pit

Alexa repurposed turned an old dryer into a fire pit! They created zodiac constellations in the drum by using a drill bit to emit light and help with the airflow. A bit more challenging but the pay off was worth it!


Fire Pit unfinished.jpg
Contstellation Fire Pit.jpg

Various Projects

Caroline upcycled a few items: She reused rope ties to hang photos that were initially used for packaging, turned plastic tea tins into earrings holders, and used jars from yogurt parfaits for hair accessory organizers. With her friends, they painted old CD disks for party decorations/wall decor. The plastic toy elephant was bought from someone who had turned it into an air plant pot! So many fun easy upcycles!


IMG_5857 (1).jpeg
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